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'Nobody created positive change by being 'small' right?

I believe in thinking differently to create 'thought leaders' out there that will change the world...


in a good way'



Big thinking huh?

How to do that?

By allowing others to grow, to learn that peace within, and between ourselves is attainable

That, if you want to 


You can help to change the world by fine tuning yourself



'This may be idealistic, but it's what I believe

No, in fact,
it's what I know, what I'm seeing happen

Ranging from any 'stuck in the circle' solution to any meanderings of thought, from one session anon

We all have our issues everyone of us, at any time

I'm here to tell you it's all okay, no one is different to that, it's just differring degrees'


I don't believe in segregation, no matter how you label it'

And it's okay, we're never going to be perfect

And, sometimes it's okay to not be okay
and sometimes, it isn't...

Well if there's a problem, why would you want to waste your life by keeping it?

Doesn't make sense?

but I understand ... 






'It takes us a lot of courage to ask for help 



no matter the size of the solution needed 

but I work with many people just like you

 I mean, of course, there's no one quite like you


 What I mean is:


I've helped to show ways forward to those, who find

themselves stuck, in an anxious circle'





Who cannot see the wood for the trees, no matter how you look at it

This is no miracle cure, hard work is needed, but yes, it can create miracles for you too!

but, in your own best way 

Isn't that amazing?


Thing is...
The way I see it

For every person, back on the right path

It means you show 'how to be', by example to others, it's like a domino effect

Or a 'thought leader' 

And you can call me crazy, but I have a vision of everyone in the world enabling eachother

Either by example, or 'how we all deal with difficult stuff'




Everyone working towards their best ever self

not just 'once, when I went through a hard time'

But continually, whenever you're looking for a good idea, or a train of thought that bothers you


Which is why


I need you to apply to work with me

Because it's true, that together we truly can be the change, and that change begins with ourselves

I may be a professional therapist, but I'm not excluded from change, on the contrary

We all change and grow, stepping more into our own power as we all learn



How can we do this?

Simple, let's talk, that's all

You can begin with a FREE call

to apply to work with me, 

Towards changing this ole world, one by one

We can begin working together as a team, to move gently forward, to your ultimate dreams


They DO exist, you know...


I DO believe you can reach them, but it may take a little work, one step at a time...


but it's your call

I shall be with you every step on the way, until it's
manageable for you

Sounds good?





Take a moment to call me:

It's only scary for a second
then it's gonna get better, honest just by talking...


Never underestimate the power of expression 

What have you got to lose?

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what you say

Confidential, Non Judgemental

'At the beginning of counselling I felt a little lost and ailienated to myself.  

I realise I'd bottled things up for so long and never dealt with anything, just pushed it to the back of my mind!'

A Space to be 'yourself'

'Every aspect of my life got better, even with day to

day life, it's truly amazing!  I've overcome so much in a

short amount of time.

I feel proud, and full of joy, that now, I can look forward 

with excitement for my future!'


'I  had some really helpful suggestions eg and eureka moments!  realising how important movement was to me! 

Thank you very much'