Who am I ?


I'm passionate about creating a better world


 I sought help with a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, a long long time ago, it changed my whole life.


I didn't realise, I'd lost myself at the time, but I knew something wasn't right?


We are 'changing' all the time, its about being aware of how you 'feel' and always doing something about it? 


I absolutely love where I live in Mid Wales, who would'nt? and this is where I run my private practice.  

The potential of all of us, to grow, to express our 'voice's',  build self esteem, and let go of bad experiences in life, is so important, but, with heart and love. 


We all want to 'be' happy in life, I'm here for YOU if you don't know where to turn - like Ellen was for me, I feel it's an honour, cos in the end it is quite literally creating a better world in my opinion.


Check out my book here...'7 Steps to Transform your Self-Worth' available at Amazon....











Oh, and I must tell you about my online workbook - cos I know I cannot reach everyone, or you may just want to take a  look at the possibilities, to begin yourself? 


Cinderella To Princess


It's about you 'Leaping into' and being 'who you are'


Not playing small anymore


Really going for what you want in life


And who cares what others think of you?



The course combines 'counselling' tools with  direction, incorporating paintings, meditations and Hypnotherapy skills. 



That's it that's me

Passionate about my work, clients, family, creativity, growth, enabling others, ecology, growing veg, nature, to create a better world.





What can you offer me as a client?


The point is It's about YOU, not me




Expression is the most important thing in the world...


I'm here to 'hear' you, for you to express yourself, to help you work through YOUR issues.

Some of the issues I've dealt with:


Relationships, Life challenges, Bereavements, Depression, Stress, Anxieties, Parental Alienation Syndrome, Health, Mental and Physical abuse, Confidence, Self Worth/Esteem, parenting,  Addictions, Aspergers etc. and many more


There's always 'one challenge', but because we're human, there's many more topics we'll cover 


Counselling is 1 hour appointments, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, confidential and non-judgemental.  


I also offer planning/mentoring sessions, for business or personal accountability, to keep you on track with your goals

Payment is via paypal or cash before session


Where are you?


I'm based in Wales, UK.

Parking is available, I'll forward you directions when our appointment is confirmed


What if I'm somewhere else in the world?


Phone counselling is just as successful! You save on time, travel and costs.  And we add to sustainability of the planet

Payments are via Paypal who provide safe card transactions, from anywhere


What do I do, I if I want to work with you?


Call and arrange a FREE phone assessment just 15 to 30 minutes.

My home number is 

or mobile 07922828903 or leave a message on either number, and I'll get back to you


You can also email me on sally@absolutelyfabulousminds.com


Half hour free consultations

Hourly sessions £65

concessions available

weekly/fortnightly/monthly session via: 

Face to face - WhatsApp - Phone
Pay here for paypal online payments 24 Hours before confirmed appointment or cash before session
Sally Hope Woodroffe MBACP Accredited Register Counsellor

Call - Message 01686 430 503 - 07922828903

Email: sally@absolutelyfabulousminds.com