We all have the potential for stress occasionally, it is a natural 'fight or flight' response. 

Think about it, you're walking down the street at night, feeling vulnerable and you hear footsteps behind you, getting closer.

To begin with
you start walking a little faster, you don't want to turn around because, you don't want them to know you're concerned? But then, if the footsteps increase in speed too, it feels like they are aware of you, you worry of their intent.

What happens next? because you're focusing on this,
it gets bigger in your imagination and you may feel a little stressed out?  You're brain is giving you a warning to your whole body, you nervously start breathing quicker, entering the shallow breathing stage - and panic sets in... 

Because of the shallow breathing, you are not getting the oxygen to your brain, which may make you feel feint, and breathless and unwell? And at this point, you cannot concentrate on anything!

...the footsteps come closer, you heart is in your mouth...Read more

Anxiety, Stress and Depression?


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What to do?

Getting help, is the first step to dealing with all three of these main issues:  

Your GP is the first stop
It's vital to explore the possibility of a chemical imbalance, or physical symptoms that are happening to you, everyone is individual, so you will need a check-up


The GP may prescribe Anti-Depressants and Counselling for a short period or long term, depending on the severity of stress, anxiety or depression. But both of these must be given time.  If there is a long wait for therapy, look for a private therapist, don't give up, many of them will offer you a comfortable cost.


Anti-Depressants can take up to 2 weeks to begin to work.  And while I'm not a fan of medication, sometimes it has it’s place, and is sometimes needed.



Available from your GP, Privately, via Counselling Directory, or other organisations - google your area                                                            


From a low level of indecision, in your life

To a 'how to cope with' a full blown depression, from issues you cannot cope with


Ring Helplines, Samaritans, other organisations, or via your own insurance or your employers EAP Employers Assistance Programmes, Mental Health crisis team, A & E



Some helpful blogs, resources etc. 

Self Care is an ongoing practice, concentrating on:

More Resources Here

Doing what we love, Asking ourselves what our needs are, listening to ourselves, Getting out in nature, fresh air, exercise,Treating ourselves kindly, Using positive affirmations,Expressing ourselves, by talking, sharing, writing, singing, creatively, Working on our negative emotions anger, jealousy, worthless, conflicted, to change or resolve them, Discussing with family, friends, our feelings etc., Being honest with ourselves,aking time out for ourselves, Having a soothing bath, meditating,Grounding ourselves
yoga, Playing, allowing our 'inner child' expression to 'be'

Sometimes, BIG stuff goes on...

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Does the thought of counselling bring up your fears?...

Does it? Do you start thinking, what's it going to be like, how on earth can I explain it all, and not cry or get upset? or what's it going to be like talking to a stranger?  What if I don't feel like saying anything? What if I don't feel comfortable? or What if I get a panic...Read more