Why is this book about YOU ?


It's about, getting back your joys, your happiness, your wonderful self, who sometimes, wants to stand up, and exclaim 'Here I am this is me, and I feel so wonderful, to be having this experience called life! ' I'm so excited by life, and what I have created in it!


Because I know , every day is precious, our families our homes our world ! It's far too precious to be doing anything we don't want to, or not using our lives to it's full potential - am I right? I know I am...


It's about your dreams, your hopes, your longings for something that truly means so much to YOU!


You are the most important person here, you are the only one who can make big wonderful things happen. 


It's like today, I saw a double rainbow across the sea, and I thought, that doesn't happen every day, it lifted me 'up' so high, I just 'felt' like I'd moved up another level, can you 'feel' how exciting, that could be for yourself?


And that is exactly what I wish for you too!


You know the feeling, of something that gels within your soul, 'you get it' uniquivicably ground shatteringly,  like its polishing your soul, and giving you all the permission to 'be your amazing and wonderful self' the one that you've waited so long to be - Step into who you are now - It's never too late to realise your dreams


Just imagine, what dream you could be 'living' this time next year, if you'd just allow yourself to 'be'


To 'be' that writer, that creator, that artist of fantastic amazing paintings that everyone clamours for, the musician that has just dropped out of nowhere to take by storm the whole world, the photographer, film person, or a Mother, (such an important job!) gardener, potter, a wife, the happiest relationship of your dreams, whatever dream is YOURS, can be yours, if you want it, you can have it


I believe in you - I believe you know exactly what, how, who, where, when, all the details of what would make you ultimately happy! Isn't that what we all want? To feel loved, happy along with rainbows in our lives? 


I'm talking here about something far deeper, that touches your soul, mayby an image of a beautiful deep blue velvet cloak around your shoulders, riding a white horse through the forest, 'feeling' liberated.  Or riding across a sandy beach at the waters edge, how wonderful that could be, just imagine!


It's all about you, and how it makes you 'feel'


If only you knew how special you are, you would celebrate every moment, cherish your wonderful life and others, I respect you for realising and being who you are 


So, do you want a spectacular life, all those dreams that you dared to dream, when you were your younger self?


The ones that have been around forever, or the longing that is there for something else, something that is exciting and vibrant, and so inspiring...