Are you looking for some guidance?


Do you feel like you’re going through the motions, you really want to find your voice, or feel encouraged to really go for it!  Or to reach that deep, deep core of who you are, and have easily accessable guidance...

For what you want in life?

Who, you want to be with?

What you want to do in life? 



By introducing you to The NEW Cinderella To Princess Card Deck!


Ta da! I’m so excited about these! 

No really, I'm ecstaticly excited! this is one of my dreams come true!!

These full colour beauties, will not only solve these issues, via gorgeous paintings of mine, which, by the way contain so many stories of growth over the years!


This is not a collection 'just ' put together!  This is 'one of my' lifetimes work!

Now do you see why I'm so YAYYYYYYYYY! and wahoodle!


The cards will show you, via the 'feel' of the paintings -


Meditate with them 


Allow the emotions to wash over you, reaching into your heart 


Allow the pictures to touch the depths of you, you are like a mountain in the water, with just a small part showing above the surface.  But look underneath...

There is so, much more there, below the surface! awaiting discovery, awaiting to be revealed to you


Each card contains a quote, from my Cinderella to Princess Self Development Course, to take your mind further, to re-claim your own power, back! again! Back to YOUR choices, and 'how to' change your mindset:

Cos, do you find you’re always following a ‘mindset routine’?

The cards will, gently remind you, to re-focus, to ‘stay in every moment’ Cos, when you do that, you'll be open enough for the cards to:


Give you, guidance


Connect you deeper, to deal with, any day to day pressures


Connect YOU and  acknowledge your true feelings, reminding you to ‘allow your feelings’ gently back into your life, in 'every moment' 

You ARE okay

You ARE worthy

You CAN have the confidence you want

You ARE able to use your voice when YOU need to

It’s all going to be okay

Let me show you how…

(btw this is the longer version, if you're in a hurry to buy

these delicious beauties go here!) Sorry I'm excited! 

Wow, honestly, I didn't have more coffee than I should've this morning! 


It's just something that 'feels' so awsome to me! and I know it WILL 'feel' awesome to you too! 

Why will you think these cards are awesome? 

No matter what you believe in, higher self, meditation, universal order, inner self, or any other belief, science etc 


The cards will connect you back to YOU

We all have our own answers within, now wait on here, cos yes, don't get cross, when I say, we have our own answers, cos it always depends on 'depths' that you reach.  On a one to one level, yes, I'm trained to guide you, to those depths


Now obviously, I can only do so many 1 to 1s - So, this way, you can 'link' into my art and arts ie the psychology of counselling - and the beauty is that these cards will guide you, using guidelines, and 'you' connecting on a soul to soul level


'I truly believe in that...soul to soul' 


Cos, we are infinitely connected to each other 


To the energies of the universe


Sometimes, we just need to take that, amazing idea 'in'


By ‘taking a moment’ ‘listening’ to ourselves


And the echoes of others, before us, our ancestors, where do these inventions just 'arrive' from, by predecessors such as Einstien? Or, great artists or thinkers?


FROM...that pool of wisdom that is our 'mass conciousness'

YES we share this together - isn't that so amazing!


That is how, my darling sweet other person on this planet, that shares the same energy! * This card deck WILL create, your own breakthroughs, if YOU allow them to, if you connect deeply

* Just my belief, but both of us, being on the same beautiful living planet earth?  How can we not, share the same energy?  I think it's a scientific fact, not proved yet, cos we havn't invented the 'machine' to test it!  How do I know this categorically?


Um, you know when you go within?  Deeply within, and you feel you just 'know' something?  I keep my mind open, cos until it's disproved, we currently only use, one third of our brain?  Crikey!! what does the rest of it do?  That to me is an exciting concept? Yes?

Makes sense? Or not? That's okay, everyone can believe what they 'feel' 


To re-connect, you, to ‘who you were born to be’ That feeling of being home? Have you been longing for that feeling?

The beauty is, you can go at your own pace, level by level

(cos there are always different levels to aspire, and grow into)


Allow the cards to gently guide you, to...

Joyfully and honestly accept yourself

From that deep core of you

That beautiful ‘space’ and energy, of who you ARE, within

Your expression, truth, and love shines from your soul, like a big bright sun of happiness, radiating, pulsating and glowing from within!

This is your ENERGY!

If only you could have absolute, and total acceptance, of who you are! How wonderful that could be! 

I guess, you need to gently, remove the blocks, or fears, that have been holding, you back, till now, that you may still feel

It's up to you with the cards, your pace, but they will 'hold your hand' to unravel the issues, that need looking at, that need healing and letting go


And then, they will collect all those ‘scattered’ pieces, of YOU, to make a ‘whole’ beautiful YOU

Helping you to see new, deeper connections to create a joyful happy life

Cinderella To Princess Card Deck

Here they are! in full shiny colour!


50 Tarot size cards, with a beautiful soft silk finish!


Cellophane wrapped cards

Cellophane wrapped window box

Discover, your inner child within, who’s been waiting there, waiting for you, to connect with

All along

To love you

To be loved by you

While being able to step into, ‘being’ your adult self at the same time. 

AND to ‘feel’ the confidence you’ve always dreamed of in the ‘here and now’ as your adult self

Alongside that inner child, hand in hand together, as one

Have you always felt there was something missing?


Lets trash that perfectionism

That always stops you in your tracks



YOU, already are, perfect, and always have been

That, when you truly, truly, see yourself

And truly and completely, ACCEPT yourself, with no but’s

Only then, can you be FREE to be, who you ARE

What will you feel from using these cards? 

I imagine, beauty, lushness, connection, joy, calm, soulful, space, moment, being, inspiration, heart centered, love, happiness, openess, meditation, inspired, peace, wonder, rejuvenated, wiser (depending on your listening), intuitive, imaginative, and maybe a little sad, reflective, but also revelation, breakthrough, divine, beautiful

Of course everyone is unique but,

No matter whether you use them all the time or occasionally, they’ll inspire you, whilst giving so many ideas, of 'how to' make your life happy ! 

After all it comes from within


Have you ever walked into a room, to see someone who exudes love, joy and happiness?

Have you ever noticed, how others, are drawn towards them?

Their inner light shines so bright, like a lighthouse, have you noticed others like this?  I have

A kind of childlike exuberance, passion, wonder or purity?

The clarity they show, is peaceful, free and liberated

And you think ‘I want some of that’!

That is, within you! truly it is, it is your pure joy exuding from youself!

Delicious, shiny and just so enticing that heart-warming purity!


That’s what you, and everyone CAN ‘feel’ for themselves! 


We all have this possibility within us.

YOU can have this too!

What will you get from this product?

This product will teach you:

How to express yourself, what you truly mean, with love

It’s okay, you can agree, to disagree, you don’t need to be, a ‘people pleaser’ for others to love you

You can be YOU, the more you, you are, the more others will be drawn to you

To be confident in saying, ‘well this is me and what I believe, and that’s okay’

Using your voice, without justification

Re-claiming your power, where did it go to!  I want it back now!

Showing others, how to be in any situation, as a role model, in your own way, so that, the way they act, changes others, around them too

To become exactly ‘who’ you want to be in life, without compromising your inner ‘soul’


The cards will do this:

By re-focusing soulfully, moment by moment, whenever you need to ‘take a breath’ of soulful deepness


Whenever you think, WHAT am I doing?

Or which way should I choose?


Just take a breather, in the moment, stop, go within, connect with your inner self and pick a card. 


Then ‘listen’ and hear what comes to you, it may not come immediately, it may happen later in the day

You have to be ‘present’

To break down walls, look at your relationships, vulnerabilities, strengths, loves, fears, inner child

To re-build and teach ‘how to’ make the right choices for you

To realise you can, change your choices, at any point in your life

That it’s your life, you can make it a brilliant one?


That you CAN BE confident, strong, loving, but, not a ‘pushover’, but, happy, joyous, contented and know how to be in any situation




You will receive a whole new way, of realizing and choosing, what makes you happy?

Realise what you want in your life and how to achieve it?

At any particular moment, you can use the cards, carry them with you in your bag, to be used at any time, during the day, wherever you are! How cool is that!

They will help you to really believe in yourself, and have the confidence, to forge ahead, with whatever you want to bring into your life 


Have you a meeting your worried about? use the cards to help your fears, for some ideas.  

Then again, you may think:

There’s no answers to your life challenges?

Or that you’re not worth it?  


Or maybe you think you’re not educated enough?

Or It’s just not possible to help you  


There is, believe it or not, always an answer


The cards will speak to you in ways, you may not have thought of before, and even, if at the time, it’s not clear to you, the fact you’ve pondered over it, will produce answers just ‘dropping’ into your lap, usually when you least expect it! 


This is usually, after you’ve released the outcome, or ‘let it go’

It’s also a good idea, to write down the cards you picked and date it, with what particular questions you asked etc

YOU are always, worth it, you have so much to give, to this world, to yourself, your family, and your life, You will discover, when, you stopped, believing in yourself, and reclaim your belief in you again

It’s not about your education, it’s about allowing yourself to quieten and ‘listen’ to yourself, what you ‘hear’ within, with relation to each card and quote, what the card makes you feel, or think of, why? – kind of like ‘daydreaming’ or ‘feeling’ with your soul self, rather than any conditioning ‘shoulds’, being honest with yourself, and keeping an open mind 

Everyone can benefit, from this way of reaching their inner self, easily, with the cards, no matter what issues they are experiencing.  It’s always up to you, as to how deeply, you want to go 

Also, the cards often mean different things on different levels, kind of like reading a book, you get so inspired by, then you read the same book, years later, and you find, it means something else?  You realise, that because you’ve changed, another deeper level, is revealed to you?     

Why is my card deck different to any others?

Most card decks are purely oracle cards, or a little woo woo, and this puts people off, who are not really into that way of thinking?


Instead, my cards, are from a self-development model using psychology, counselling, hypnotherapy and the science of the soul.  This promotes and encourages your self-worth, to create other ways of thinking, by connecting neural pathways for healing, and growth across your mind body and soul.

I’m a passionate and intuitive, fully qualified, registered Counsellor and Hypnotherapist,  I see many outstanding results, for my 1 to 1 clients.  They are awesome, it’s their hard work that gets them outstanding results!


I’m showing them what’s possible, but it’s still exciting when ‘they get it’ to see them achieving, what they want, in life!  I’m a mature therapist, with many life experiences, that adds to my work too. 

Thing is, I also recognize, that no matter what issues you may have, many others, share those too, though of course there are numerous amounts of different stories.


But everyone feels many similar emotions, from time to time, because were all human.  These human emotions, I’ve illustrated, via different medias, creatively throughout my life, with my paintings, music, books, courses, blogs, or 1 to 1 therapy.

I developed my Cinderella To Princess 7 weeks online Course to reach out, and empower more people, because obviously, I only have so many hours in a day!


This Card Deck is another way of reaching out further to teens and adults, not only for self-worth, confidence, finding your voice, health and life issues growth, but in a lighter, format, which also makes a fantastic soulful gift, for those in your life, who love something beautiful that also has heartfelt, thoughtful, messages too

I would love these cards to be used by you and your teenage daughters, to help them to grow, to realise their own self-worth while young, to be given guidance at such an impressionable age, to give them some guidelines, to help their lives as they blossom

My way of working, is always in a compassionate, kind, empathic, healing way.  I’m fascinated by cutting edge ideas in the counselling profession, new discoveries with such relevance towards your mindset, sustainability, and abundance 


I'm always learning more, and seeking new ways of reaching those, who need help and encouragement to create a better world for themselves

I’m passionate about teens receiving their ‘tools’ for life.  I believe a lot of life skills, are not taught schools, to prepare them for adult life.  Were you never encouraged as a kid, and had limited choices?


It makes so much more sense, to teach kids skills and self-worth, encouragement, that they may not receive from their parents.  This is without judgement, parents may not have been taught themselves, so how can they teach their kids!


You can end up being an adult, and never been taught any life skills, its not your fault.  It's circumstantial, none of us 'choose' our parents, though some believe, we do, on a soul to soul level, to 'karmically' learn things in this life   


If teens don't have access to these life skills, as therapists, we're continually repairing the damage, that began in childhood, resulting, in issues later on in life.  My Cinderella to Princes course, and Card Deck, is suitable for teens and adults, to address this topic of education, in a positive and encouraging way, for today’s women, whatever age!  After all, we all learn at different rates.

What do some of my customers say, they love most, about doing business with me:

‘I love the illustrations’

‘Your art is beautiful’

‘Inspirational writings’

‘I read your workbook, it is brilliant! I think everybody could benefit from reading it!  Keep up the good work.  It's a very worthy message you have to offer!’

‘By listening to myself, while answering your questions, it dawned on me, the clarity across my whole life! And I’d never even thought of it that way! 




‘You make me feel very comfortable and you’re easy to talk to’

‘Breakthroughs happened, in so many ways’

‘You seem to have a calming effect on me’

‘I always ‘feel’ better after seeing you’

‘Sometimes, I didn’t even realise, the ‘counselling process’ was happening’  

‘Every aspect of my life has got better, I now look forward to the future with excitement!’



I love my clients and those who ‘get' my work, I’m very fortunate to worked with, so many that are willing to do the work, and receive a brilliant life because of it!



Whilst I hold all the qualifications, of a registered Professional Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, not many have the quantity of, the vast eclectic 'tool box'  I incorporate in my work or passion!



I work intuitively, which often gives me a clearer insight, others don’t always have, I have the literal ability to 'step into both worlds'

I’ve also had so many wonderful, life experiences whilst working on my own self development.  Its something that I’ve been fascinated about for 40 years now!


WOW! I can’t believe it’s been so long, and still adding many more skills from my current life.  I'm still excited and interested in continual professional development via mentors, teachers and training

I’ve always been a prolific creative, spiritual person, who’s studied many science’s, arts, music and philosophies, I’m so happy to offer these fantastic cards to you!


Excited is an understatement!


They surpassed what I expected, and I want you to experience how LUSH and utterly gorgeous they are!


They would make an awesome present for any girl, woman, friend you know! At any time! 



I know you you're going to love them


So where were we?

Seriously, have you ever tried to photograph 50 cards in one photo?

No nor me - here's another attempt!

Heres what you get

Gorgeous Tarot sizeFull Colour
Cinderella To Princess Card Deck
Cellophane wrapped Pack of 50 cards
Cellophaned window box 
Here's the actual size (if you're on your computer, if not they are 70mm x 120mm) This photo is taken on my patio metal table! The cards finish on the rounded edge!  This is to show you the back of the cards. The colour of the back, is a little lighter than this!
But, I really wanted to show you the size of them, again if on computer, not phone lol, they're a great size to easily shuffle, also because of their silky finish!

So, How much for yay beautiful 'playtime dreaming'?

I wanted to offer a set to treasure, that was worthy of the paintings and practical enough to love and use every day!

That's why I went for the bigger tarot size, yet they are still easily shuffled because of the silk finish, and to carry around with you

With a total of 48 painting/quote cards with

2 'suggestions of how to use the pack' cards

This glamourous, lush Card Deck retails at £25

per 50 card pack + box + cellophane wrapped

Postage is £5 extra, to anywhere on beautiful earth!  I would  have loved to pay postage but, this is such a great offer at this price anyway!  I know how much you're gonna luv em!

Who knows, with bigger orders, I may be able to offer them in the future for a further discounted price!




It's a Quasar WHAT ENERGY !  SAY AFTER ME...














+ £5 postage

Note: Paypal will show £30 total per pack