Intensive Self Development

A lot is changing in the world it seems…

For some positives, for fairness between men and women…

It’s important, to learn from one another, to be compassionate and fair, no matter what.

I've created this self-development course especially for women .  In fairness, it'd work for sensitive men too...


I was seeing many women, lacking self-confidence, self-worth, etc

– Yet, obviously, it’s not purely a woman’s issue, but there's more women prepared to give counselling a ‘try’ to improve their lives.

I came up with the name, as a ‘modern day’ Cinderella to Princess

Think of: The newly married royal Meghan, who is a woman ‘with her own means’, not dependant on a man – since when was that a thing anyway, the 50’s?


It’s an alternative to counselling, to support your journey to your own independence.  To become YOU.

Look, nothing beats working with a trained professional, no way around that, BUT, there's only so many appointments I can do…

But, dipping your toe in the water with a course, can begin the ‘ball rolling’ in a positive way, and you can do the course in your own time.


No matter what stage you’re at, learning is never wasted, we’re all on our own journey, so why wait, if you’re considering counselling why not, give it a try to begin with?


It’s a good start…remember I said YOU can be the change? NOW's a good time...


You remember Cinderella?


She had so little self worth, she 'allowed' others importance to be worth more than her own!

Not good


For anyone's mind, body or spirit...


How about: you discovering your best possible version of yourself?






Can you imagin?... To Discover:


'Who' you are?


Who you 'want' to be?


and 'How' to get there?

This is not in a fluffy dependant way, oh no this is 2020


Maybe you never realised you had a choice in life, of what sort of job, or relationship you wanted?  Or began to believe those 'UGLY SISTERS' or narcissistic people around you?  finding yourself in Cinderella's 'victim mode' ?

I know it's difficult to get past, to believe in yourself when you're constantly being 'put down' 


But, how can you focus? and think about 'what you want' how are you going to bring your perfect life choices to you?


Let me ask you, do you feel like the downtrodden character?


If so....Come on it's 2020 this is a modern world, lets not let anyone bully you anymore... Lets step into your dream life...



It's all possible
Cinderella's (women or men) wanted...apply within
Yes, I do mean you, you're amazing, you have so much within yourself to give to the world, I know that for a fact 
Cinderella to Princess
Intensive Self Development Course
Included in this programme...
Cinderella to Princess Intensive Self development downloadable book, to help you feel confident, and know you are worthy of being who you want to be... special exercises and beautiful illustrations
‘7 Steps to Transform Your Self Worth’ online copy of my book with exercises and talks to enable and love your life how you want it   
Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Audio’s, written specifically for this course, for you to download and use whenever you want to retrain those negative mindsets into positive ones.
Beautiful illustrations  
We're going to tackle those negative voices in your head with some short, but powerful Hypnotherapy Meditations, to train negative thinking, and open those doors, to train your mindset to accepting and allowing your choices,
to bring in your abundance in every part of your life!  To allow yourself to be abundant!
Just imagine what that would feel like, to feel supported, whole and happy to do whatever you want to, BUT, with all the belief in YOURSELF...knowing that you can, and WILL, be able to change your life  
What are others saying about the course?

'This course is fantastic for any age of women who want their power back! want to be‘more’ of themselves, or as teenagers making their choices now, about what it is they want out of their lives, not what their parents want for them! '

'Amazing to find your OWN dreams. ‘Cinderella to Princess’, is about ‘how we see ourselves’ in the world.  How much weight, and worthiness, we put behind ourselves. As women, it boosts our own self-worth or esteem and really makes us think about what we really want in life.'

What it really comes down to, is,
Do you want to take your power back?
That is why I'm here for you, I want you to take your power back!
What happened when you let it go?  Was it when you were a kid?  a little girl, teenager, or wife? When was it, you lost who you are? That essence of you
That person who wants to reach her dreams, a good relationship,  help others, be a better Mum, to help yourself, have the best health with no anxiety, or maybe you're still not even sure what you even want?
And that worries you too? Cos, shouldn't you know? It's okay 
That is when you 'gave your power away - you 'allowed someone or something - anxieties, to walk in and claim it, or was it taken from you, and you didn't realise? 
'worry is like praying for what you don't want'
Now, it is the time, you took YOUR power back
How? By doing the work, again, step by step
Reclaiming yourself...and I'll show you 'how to'
You are all you ever need, when you are firmly stood back, in your own power  
There is a new wonderful life for you, I know it! If you can imagine it, I can show you  how to re-claim it - And never let it go again!
Cos 'we are woman' Powerful, Divine, Feminine, Sacred...  
We look after others, but first we must collect ourselves...
If you know someone who needs this, please share - because we need the feminine balance right now - We as women need to pick up our power now and become the best we've ever been
The power IS yours, you just didn't realise it till now?  I'll show you how...

It's just a seven week course to do this sacred work


To connect back to yourself, to begin intensive inner growth for yourself.


Moment by moment, one week at a time!


It's just £99 




How did I get here? What inspired me?  Why is it so needed out there to help create a beautiful world!  I'm on the accredited register of the BACP, British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapy 

YES I'm so ready to become
who I'm meant to be...! 
Cinderella To Princess Course
1x7 week CTP online course
Yayy or what other people are saying about these products...

'This is fantastic, I haven't finished it yet.  I wanted to tell you that I am working on myself and I'm using your program.


Thank you, thank you, that you have made this course, and that I get the chance to use it. 


Because I was changing before your course, I have been willing to let your work help me move further and deeper.  This has helped me reflect and see parallels to my parents relationship and my own.  Why I am like I am.


I think that because I'm now aware, I can slowly make the changes.  Not just in my relationships, but in life's general day to day living.  I have started to add more play into my life.  I have taken up drawing again and I'm having fun!'




Susan Williams-Goebber  

What is the idea behind the Cinderella to Princess course?


Why is the course different from every other course?


Why do I feel this work is so important out there?


Why specialise with empowering teens/women of all ages?


All this and much more on my blog