If you're wondering Whattt! howww! whoooo!
or even Why?

I have to admit, I'd never heard of counselling till I was in my  40's, I'd even had counselling combined with Hypnotherapy when 26! but still didn't know I had?


Anyway, NOW I know how amazing it is!  I think the fact I've had some and didn't realise I had, says a lot about the process and 'how subtle' it is.


Here's a list of FAQ's which I'm sure you probably want to ask, but don't  


General Questions about Counselling

If you want to know any of these...


How on earth can I explain it all, and not cry or get upset?


What's it going to be like talking to a stranger?


What if I don't feel like saying anything?


What if I don't feel comfortable?


What if I get a panic attack?


What do I have to do?


How does it work? or even


How will I be able to afford it?


What model of counselling do you use?


Then you really need to see this blog post which covers all of these...


Does the thought of counselling bring up your fears? 



I don't know what to do? How can you help me?


How do I book a FREE assessment?


What to do next if I think I'm interested but want to know more?