Owning 'your stuff', communication 

Because we know the people, who treat us with respect, or unconditional love, why would we want anything less for ourselves?

And that's okay, cos we all have our 'own' choice, it's how you deal with your choices right?

And about taking action, when you need to...

In whatever area of your life

The bottom line is, I'm committed to enabling folk to create a better world

That's why, it works with excellent results



If you'd like to apply to work with me, to create a better life, no matter whats happening


Lets face it, who needs all this anxiety?  


Then I'd love to offer you a 15 to 30 minute 

free consultation session

Can't be bad eh?

I know, but it's important, really it is

Cos some people you click with, and some you don't? And its fine if you don't! just saying...


Do you want to be part of this big beautiful change, to 'be' who you were meant to be? (its never too late btw )

I'm done with playing 'small' I've seen amazing results and I want more people to benefit, it has to be important to you too, to work properly?

If that makes sense?

I'm feeling a huge shift in the world at the moment, that is a good one, in us all, stepping up to our own potential...


And that can only be good for all of us right?


So, if you've felt lately, there's something you need to work on that's been in your head for a long time


I'm telling you...NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME 


To take action, move forward, it's an important time for you, if not now? when?



Lets reset your life

Lets go...


It's amazingly simple
Apply for a Non obligatory, Free consultation via phone 
Then...One hour sessions of offloading... completely confidential, non judgemental
Weekly sessions, fortnightly, monthly - whatever is best for you!
Working through issues with me, a professional Accredited Registered  Counsellor
And always your 'choice to carry on', or not, if you feel you really want to do the work?  I'm right behind you, and we will find your way...  
What you get in counselling sessions
One hour Counselling sessions
A space for you to be heard, to express yourself, to discuss your issues, to create shifts in your life 
Sally Hope Woodroffe MBACP
Professional Registered Counsellor
on the Accredited Register of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy
Believe me anxiety affects jobs, homes and families

and you need help when its a problem for you...





I’ve been there, done that, got the T shirt many years ago, thankfully found the right person to put me back on track...


I still use what I was taught many years ago, alongside  tools as a counsellor, and continual learning  - YES we never stop learning, hopefully 

Ready to Call?
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Oh if you're in Mid Wales,
I do face to face counselling sessions, but I do phone appointments too, so you can be anywhere in the world.

CALL:  07922828903 or leave a message

I will get back to you asap.

It's a FREE 'no pressure to continue'

Confidential Assessment call.

Counselling Session Fees: £65 per session

An amount of concessionary appointments are available

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What are people saying?



'Sally helped me cope when I was struggling with the aftermath of a family break up and other issues in my life. 


Her eclectic approach means she can find what works best for the individual, for who they are, and where they are in their life.

Thank you Sally, your website also means I can remind myself how best to care for myself now that our sessions have ended.'




‘You seemed to ‘see’ right into my situation, enabling me to keep on track?  I found I was seeing my situation, in a very different light. 


It then seemed so much easier, to change things in my life, that definitely needed changing, bringing what it was I wanted, into alignment of how I want it’?


Instead of being pulled and pushed by other people.  It made me see what’s ultimately important, to me!  


I also love some of the practical exercises you taught me to use’  



‘I felt very mixed up to begin with, I found it difficult to stand up for myself, which caused me anxiety and nervousness.  Sometimes I felt I had to remove myself from situations, I just couldn’t handle them! I’d break out in a sweat!


This was ruling my life and stopping me in so many ways!  I’m still unsure ‘how’ counselling works, because, it just felt like talking?


Now, my situation has changed so much, I find myself being more confident in social situations, as well as at work.  It seems to have boosted my confidence incredibly! 


I would not hesitate to have more counselling if I felt the need.  I’m sorry I waited so long to try it out!’  




‘I realised, I’d never considered what I wanted in life, I grew up, not realising I could make a choice!


 I ended up just going along with my partner, and what he wanted.  I now know, we we’re totally incompatible with each other, we eventually split up.


 I’m glad now, I’m not wasting my life in a relationship, that’s not right for me, and that I can trust my own gut instinct, with those who are my sort of people! 


Counselling was a life changer for me!’







‘My life has changed big time! 


Counselling sorted out so many issues of mine, that were getting in the way of ‘feeling’ truly happy?  There was always something in the back of my mind, a sadness I couldn’t quite put my finger on it? 


It wasn’t easy sometimes, but It feels like, I released something very deep within me!


Thank you!’ 







‘Many thanks for helping me to reach my dreams in life. 


After suffering with a few health issues, I felt like I was ‘imprisoned’ within myself.  I began to see positive ways and realised, it was, ‘what I had created’. Gradually, it improved my life in so many ways, convincing me, the only imprisonment is of our own making! 


When I began to ‘move’ forward, it amazed me, that some of my physical ailments, began to positively change too!  How did that happen? I don’t know I’m just so glad it did!


Many thanks!’





‘I knew in my heart I was in the wrong relationship, that it was abusive, I kept hoping it would get better.  It didn’t, it was only when I felt ‘danger’, that I reached out for help.


I cannot imagine now, why ‘I’d kept telling myself, it was okay to be treated like that? Yet, I put up with it for years?  I kept thinking, would I be happy for my daughter to be in this situation? What messages does it give to her?   Thing is, I knew it was wrong, I just didn’t want to cause any ‘trouble’? 


I’m now in such a brilliant relationship, and only ’around’ those who respect me, I am worth far more!  No one should put up with that sort of behavior.  I now choose what I want for my life, I’m so happy I contacted you when I did.  Thank you for all your help’

more details on my about page


Looking forward to speaking to you, begin your liberation NOW! 


What can you offer me as a client?


F.A.Q.S or Frequently asked questions! 

More clients Testimonials...




'Counselling is always a bit of a mystery to me.

I had some really helpful suggestions this time e.g. grounding, and eureka moments e.g. realising

how important movement was to me in my timeline

Thank you very much!'

'I felt safe, cared for, listened to, and the sessions helped me to find my way.

I don't think the experience could be improved in my opinion, because for me, it was perfect.

If I needed to, I would contact you again without hesitation'


Sally Hope Woodroffe MBACP Registered Counsellor

01686 430 503 - Mobile 07922828903

1 to 1, Phone