'Sacred Seeds'

A new monumental book for this ‘monumental time’ 

by Sally Hope Woodroffe

Please note: This gold leaf icon painting of mine has no religious intent, it represents the sacred 'Divine Feminine' 


What issues are you are feeling? 



I know how you’re feeling, like the carpet has been pulled from under your feet, unsure, unsteady and not sure which way humanity is going?

How does this book change everything?


Let me tell you this is MASSIVE! This book will change everything.  


This is what YOU need now...

And honestly, I know the significance of it…

Sacred Seeds offers ground rules, boundaries and common sense, shows you the workings behind you as humans ‘spiritually’ I mean, what makes you, ultimately ‘happy’ within, what ‘FEELS RIGHT’ for you, no matter what religion, race, creed, sexuality or any other ‘ism’ you can think of!  That is so crazy! You/We are all on this Earth together! You/We are all equals! It is possible to live happily and peacefully!

What will it do for you?  



Sacred Seeds will connect you back, to each-other, seriously, we've lost our way! 

It will release some of your fear, and give you back some tools, ‘how to’ proceed, ‘how to’ be compassionate, to think of all others, ‘how to’ live in peace, and understand ‘how’ the laws of attraction work.

What feelings will you begin to get from this book? 



You will get back from this book, a feeling of ‘healing’ connecting to your inner self: 


You’re here at this crossroads, there’s no going back! whether you like it or not! The book makes some sense of what’s happening, because when facts are based on something outdated, it becomes confused. 

At this crossroads, (okay play the song) you now have a choice, to choose either fear or love.

There’s a mass consciousness change happening worldwide, everyone will experience this at the same time, this can create fear, because it’s the unknown. It’s no surprise, the political happenings of the moment.  


Sacred Seeds gives you 'feelings' and some explanations of peace, hope and clarity of what’s really happening in the world.


What results will you get from Sacred Seeds?

The results you will get from Sacred Seeds will be HUGE…if you allow it!

This book will give you, a feeling of connection to your inner soul, to be able, to let go of the fear, to project love, peace and freedom instead, to be able to listen to yourself, and your ‘higher self’, by giving you guidelines to follow in your life.


It will fill you in on more details, behind your own evolution that’s occurring now, in 2016, though, as the book states ‘there is no time’! 

It also gives you, a connection to a vast well of healing via the icons and meditation while you're reading (again, I’m aware of your interpretations of ‘boxing in’ isms…please open the door again)


The meditation works whilst your reading it.  Imagine a plug, you’re connecting to, that connects you to an updated frequency, were talking about DNA here!


How does Sacred Seeds do this? 


Sacred Seeds contains the book ‘Gilran’s Heart’ which ‘appeared’, with a very clear message for all of you.  You are not living in just one dimension, you are ‘contained in’ and ‘around’ many different dimensions, that you cannot now ignore, you have to open your minds further, to un-box ourselves.


You do have some details wrong, and that does change everything, it’s all a matter of perception.  By breaking down barriers and fear, you can begin to re-build with clarity and peacefulness for all your fellow humans.


What do you get for just £5 or $5? 

Sacred Seeds is an instant download of an online 84-page book, RRP £8…



I’m offering it YOU for £5 or $5 !!












I want to make it accessible, for these times.  It’s illustrated with my oil and gold leaf original icon paintings, which project healing to you…


Again no judgement, just feel, maybe get off the online ‘box’ and start experiencing something ‘real’ while looking at these images. 


I painted the Divine Feminine series of paintings, not long after writing this book.


What could you object to about this writing?


What could you object too with this book? You may not believe in other dimensions, label it ‘woo woo’ or immediately say no to the mention of an Angel, and the connotations around that, but as I said its’ all about your perceptions, and links that YOU make, I’m just offering what appeared and making no judgements, but, all matter of things may hold YOU back. 


I don’t want that for you, I want you to progress with love and peace - Who knows, maybe it is just a story?



How can I solve those feelings of yours?

Only by asking you to put every belief aside, and read it, as if you’ve just dropped onto the planet, to keep your mind open to imagine a fresh start for yourself.


Okay, I know how hard that would be... 



So, what’s the better alternative?


Do you have any? 



You as a race are evolving towards an ‘Adult’


– OMG you mean I’m talking to you as teenager? Yes, scary…

It means you may need to be responsible, for yourself, but it will be far easier with the correct guidelines of compassion, joy, hope and light to work from. 


Let me ask you, do you want to feel ‘fear’ or ‘love?


It’s your choice, to enable yourself or, at least give the book a chance, to see ‘how it makes you feel’.



Why would you choose fear?


What sets me apart as a writer?


I don’t know ‘where’ this book came from, all I can say is, I accept other dimensions, that’s where I feel it’s been written from – where does any creativity or writing come from?


‘Gilran’ says, he’s a tall golden Angel, yes, the word Angel has connotations, don’t let these ‘meanings around words change whether you read it or not, because I’m not boxing it in. 


The question is, can you be ‘open’ to ‘feel’ the book and its message, rather than dissect meanings or descriptions of ‘who’ and ‘what they are’, can you lay that aside and experience the feelings it conjures instead?


Maybe my counselling, non-judgmental work, allows me, to just accept or consider something, without boxing it in?


Or maybe a personal experience via a near death experience, was the first time, (excuse the pun!)  I came across a ‘no time concept’, but that’s another book! I guess those experiences set me apart as a writer?


What do my customers say they love most about this book? 



Well this speaks for itself, and I’d love to hear your comments too, please email/message them to me

"Wow Sally that was just phenomenal, my heart chakra was beating throughout, felt huge with love!  Just before you mentioned Mother Mary she was behind me with her hands on my shoulders... 


Your icons are absolutely stunning, amazing energy.  The book just  mesmerized me from start to finish which is why I just had to stop and read it from cover to cover in an hour!  


What a beautiful piece of writing and so perfect for the time  we are living in now. 

I can just see a set of memes with quotes being shared all over Facebook.  Just fabulous.  My vibration has lifted  several notches from reading it!

Wow! It was Awesome!"  Romella Jones




How does your work differ to other writers?  


WO! I’ve studied SO MUCH, and learnt a tremendous amount, but, don’t you think you can only ‘learn’ by keeping your mind open? 


I’m more grounded, with an earthy spirituality than most, it’s afforded me the talent, of ‘stepping’ into your different worlds, with a foot in each, so that I can sense, see, and hear ‘where you are’ to connect, to reach your soul or spirit.


‘Oh my its speaking straight to me’ Romella Jones

This work I believe is accessible to you all, you are not just one, dimensional beings, you can be many at the same time. 



I don’t profess to know all the answers, but working with energies in this dimension, and others, allows you to be open enough to be guided by them – as in the culmination of this book.


I use this process, an ‘instinctive awareness’ within my counselling work, its ‘part of this process’, a ‘tool’ in working and ‘stepping into your ‘way of being’. 



This is how I believe, Carl Rogers worked too, the founder of Person Centered Counselling.  He was bemused, by the ‘boxing in’ of his own model that still, to this day, becomes ‘written in stone’ instead of ‘evolving’ naturally, as you do. 


You may be spiritual and physical human beings but, you are never still in your energies.

To receive your copy ‘NOW’

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BUT...I’m offering you ...



Sacred Seeds for just £5 or $5 !

You choose the currency!


This is quite possibly the biggest time of your life! I’m not joking, possibly since sliced bread!



Take this offer of ‘how to’ surf it, It’s not even a huge amount!

This needs to be out there,  wont be there  after that period!


Its peanuts…cos I really want you to choose LOVE…

So take it, the sooner we decide, how to move forward, the better we can shape this world towards something positive!


Still uncertain…?


This is the time NOW - subscribers do always get first in queue!

If not, then when?




It's NOW! make this choice, move forward with LOVE…



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If you are really ready to make a change in this area of your life...

If you're really ready to say goodbye at last to your fear that is causing you all this anxiety...


I truly believe YOU CAN can personally change the world by feeling LOVE instead of fear...



From fear to love...

"Wow Sally that was just phenomenal, my heart chakra was beating throughout, felt huge with love!  Just before you mentioned Mother Mary she was behind me with her hands on my shoulders... 

Your icons are absolutely stunning, amazing energy.  The book just  mesmerized me from start to finish which is why I just had to stop and read it from cover to cover in an hour!  What a beautiful piece of writing and so perfect for the time  we are living in now.  It was awesome!"               Romella Jones


Who am I? - I’m Sally Hope Woodroffe, 

A Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, (for over 26 years)


Artist, photographer,


Author of two books:

'Seven Steps to Transform your Self Worth'

'Sacred Seeds'

Cinderella To Princess Course

Cinderella To Princess Card Deck

Musician with over seven albums of music

Philosopher, Mother, Wife, Woman, Friend, Sister, Cousin,


Contributor to Huffington Post blog


Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapies


Working to spread happiness and love in different media or therapy for you, to create a better world. 

          'We are Angels of love and light

         a new dawn full of all your dreams

               as with the law of attraction

                    just believe




and it will be...'