It's a balance...
And needs to be kept...
Balance of joy, happiness, anything that makes you 'feel' happy?
That child like wonder, that touches a connection of 'who you really are? a feeling of hope? a moment to 'be'
That stillness is as important as breathing 
If it makes us happy, why do we forget to practise it?  Sometimes it feels like an effort if we suffer from anxiety or depression?  But whatever it is for you, it feeds your soul so much that you feel empty without it.
It's not to do with anyone else, this is about YOU
If you don't know what makes you happy, then it's about exploring different possibilities, because 'the idea' of something is different to 'how it makes you feel' 
Be yourself...
The only way to start, but, what if you're not sure who you are?
I guess it's about being honest to yourself, self care is about being kind, gentle and loving to yourself.
It also about, not being perfect all the time, not being too hard on yourself, we are human and have imperfections.
We are imperfectly perfect!
And that's okay! 
Think about how you can 'feel' good today - walk in the sunshine, pick some flowers, take a walk, do some yoga, read a book, draw, paint, sing, express yourself!  make bad art, it's all okay, write out how you feel, relax, sleep, make a lovely meal, light a candle, honour yourself, list everything to be grateful for, list things you want to deal with, write out your anger, let your mind wander, smile, laugh, talk, allow yourself to 'feel' or express yourself without judgement  

'What you are is good enough,

if you would only be it openly'

Carl Rogers - Founder of Person Centred Counselling

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