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Anxiety? There's a time to talk

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Anxiety, Stress, Depression?

It boils down to just two things:


1.  Dealing with issues as they come up


2.  Relaxing or resting

Both of these are called 'Self Care'

Because, we as human beings need a balance between the two

It's great if you love your work, that is perfect!

But, most of us enjoy so many other hobbies, or passions, and this is quite normal.

Occasionally, there are those who are obsessed with what they do, but you'll find that if they become workaholics, then eventually 'burnout' will happen!

And I'm not paying attention to 'stigma' ? cos if you drive a car without maintenance, it will break down, like us 

Passions are great! All of them, hopefully you'll be using at least one of them within your main work, if you're using more, that's great!


But it's all about balance... 

Dealing with the issues, when they happen!


Stress, Anxiety, Depression?

You are not on your own!  Most of us experience the first two on a constant replay, cos challenges do happen in life!

And probably all of us have experienced depression at some point too, we can at any time go through issues of health, grief, changes we may not like at the time. 


So as well as 'work', even if you love it, you then need to 'get out and smell the roses' - an expression for doing what you 'feel like doing in the moment'


Maybe that's 'blowing out the cobwebs' activities: singing, dancing, laughing, running, etc.,


or more time for 'stillness', meditating, reading, sewing, painting etc.

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Anxiety? There's a time to play